The Palmetto Purlers is a local TKGA affiliated knitting guild. Our membership consists of seasoned knitters as well as those who are just learning. The guild also participates in charity knitting activities. Twice a month we meet at local shops to knit together, once in Columbia, and once in Lexington. These knit-ins are open to anyone who is interested in joining us. We also have a monthly guild meeting. Guild business is conducted at this meeting, followed by a knitting related educational program. These meetings are for dues paying members. For more information email us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Next Big Thing

The "special events" committee will be meeting soon to start planning our next BIG event. We're hoping to have some classes later this fall. If anyone has any suggestions, head over to the YAHOO! group and let us know. We've asked the CSRA Guild to join us in this effort and will be meeting with them in a couple of weeks. So, get your suggestions to us now.

Tonight is the guild dinner. Email us if you need the location.

We had a great Knit-In at Books-A-Million last week. It was nice to meet so many new folks.

It sounds like everyone had a blast with Beverly as she taught them how to dye yarn. Those of us who didn't attend are anxious to see everyone's beautiful creations - don't forget to bring your yarn to the next meeting.