The Palmetto Purlers is a local TKGA affiliated knitting guild. Our membership consists of seasoned knitters as well as those who are just learning. The guild also participates in charity knitting activities. Twice a month we meet at local shops to knit together, once in Columbia, and once in Lexington. These knit-ins are open to anyone who is interested in joining us. We also have a monthly guild meeting. Guild business is conducted at this meeting, followed by a knitting related educational program. These meetings are for dues paying members. For more information email us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Margaret Fisher Knitting Workshops

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting knitting instructor and author Margaret Fisher to teach 4 three-hour classes here in Columbia March 12-13, 2010.

Margaret is a TKGA Master Knitter and teaches knitting, crochet, and sweater design workshops across the country at conferences, conventions and knitting guilds (including upcoming Stitches South 2010 in Atlanta). She's had articles in knitting magazines and is the author of the book "Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater™: Techniques and Tips for Hand Knitters"

Schedule of classes:

Friday, March 12, 1 pm–4 pm
Learn how to create beautiful two-color designs by knitting Mosaic patterns. Mosaics, a type of slip-stitch patterns, have a special charting system. Learn how to read the charts, knit the patterns in stockinette stitch and garter, and use these designs in garments and accessories. Have fun exploring a number of wonderful Mosaic patterns.

Friday, March 12, 6 pm–9 pm
Advanced Finishing
This class is for those who wish to go beyond the basics. It covers a variety of finishing topics: provisional cast ons, the tubular cast on and bind off, working short rows, grafting, and duplicate stitch. Learn and practice a potpourri of useful techniques to advance your knitting and finishing skills.

Saturday March 13, 9 am–12 pm
Seven Things That Can "Make or Break" a Sweater™
Learn seven things that will make a big difference in the appearance of your sweaters. The smallest details can have a huge impact---increasing in ribbing, bumpy or smooth cast on edge, slanting decreases, invisible increases, perfect buttonholes, flat edgings, and blocking. In this class, you will learn about all of these things while you practice and receive lots of tips and hints. Since you are going to spend hours making a garment, you'll want to use these techniques to make even the simplest sweater look marvelous.

Saturday March 13, 2 pm–5 pm
A Sampling of Stitches
Want to make your knitting more interesting? See how much fun it is to work fancy stitch patterns rather than stockinette. This class focuses on four families of stitches---Smocking, Elongated, Brioche and Twisted Traveling Stitches. Learn the characteristics of each group. Practice working several stitch patterns in each "family." Learn how to use these stitches in your projects and receive tips and hints for producing good results.

To register for classes, download this form and mail it to us with a check for your classes.

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